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Alongside reliable public relations from professionals you can trust, securing high-profile media coverage, we provide a complete marketing service for your business -- including websites, newsletters, photography, copywriting, design and print of promotional materials such as flyers and posters. 


Just because you are a sole-trader or small business, you ignore marketing at your peril. And the basis to successful promotion is a strategic marketing plan. 

Don't be daunted by this; we will help you every step of the way to ensure that your hard-earned budget achieves maximum effect and increased business.  

Think ahead - so plan not just for next week and next month, but for a year ahead at least.

Start small - even a modest weekly/monthly marketing budget will reap great rewards. 

The Basics - make sure you have an online presence, communicate with exisiting customers, identify potential new customers, target your message.


In an age when many seem glued to their phone, tablet or laptop, there is still a place for well-designed printed materials - leaflets, cards, coupons and posters should be used as part of your marketing mix and reinforce any online content you produce.

We will help you to create memorable designs which convey your key attributes to existing and new customers.


For many going online is a daunting prospect. Don't worry ... we will help you find the best domain name, secure it for you and create a web-presence to get you noticed.

Many businesses owe their online success to us.


Just because a smart phone is capable of taking a snap, don't settle for second-rate photography. Good images exude quality and professionalism which reflects on your brand and its reputation.

We are not saying, book a £2,000-a-day studio - but we will help you take high-quality arresting images which tell your story and promote your business to potential customers. 

With year of experience in successful product and commercial photos, we can guide you. We are also a dab hand at images which will take a prominent position in the media to promote what you do.


Different marketing materials need a different tone. That's where our years of professional copywriting come into their own.

The overall message may be the same, but it needs to be told in a different way depending on the audience, the purpose and the genre.

We may look at a poster for just a few seconds, pick up a leaflet for under a minute but read a feature article in some depth, being absorbed by the photography and design. 


One of the best ways to increase your profile is through a properly co-ordinated PR campaign. 

Making headlines is what we do, daily - and have been doing for over 20 years: promoting individuals, sole traders, partnerships, charities and international brands.

You have a story to tell and we can ensure it reaches the widest audience - the audience that matters to you and your business.   


TB|PR is there when you need a helping hand to promote your business.


With years of experience in broadcast and print journalism behind us, TB|PR is uniquely placed to help you get your message across.

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